On a sunny afternoon, April 5, 1988, a loud scream came from Moscow Maternity Hospital # 1, which let everyone know that a creative person was born. Natalia has been dreaming of becoming an actress since her childhood: she used to put all her toys in one row like in a theatre and improvised for them. Her parents tried to course-correct her hobbies: her father was a champion in athletics and he wanted his daugher to spend her spare time doing sports, gymnastics, ballet and dancing. Her mother imagined her daughter to be the best ecomist of the country. However, Natalia's dream has become true: first, Natalia took part in "Barvikha" - one of the most popular series back then, and later on she secretly enters The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, which was a very important step while shaping her diverse personality. Under the guidance of her teachers - Mikhail Georgievich Malinovsky and Vladimir Vladimirovich Prolazov - actress started her career path in the cinema industry.


Today Natalia is one of the most famous and popular actresses in Russia, and her commitment to profession makes believe that there's more than just 24 hours in one day. She is in love with her profession, open to new interesting projects and able to enjoy every moment of her life; she loves and respects viewers, who, in their turn, love her back.